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Good day Miss Sharon, I am an existing customer of yours. This email is in regard to a concern I had with an HHT and my vehicles firmware. It is to my happiness to Congratulate you on having two major assets in your company. John Bologna and Dion the engineer for their gratefulness and for customer service orientation. Professionalism today is hard to find. It seems you have found it in your work associates. Thanks again for having such wonderful business oriented employees working with the company. Positive information with the company always goes along way. Bless you and have a great day and thanks again!!!!!

Posted By: RENNtech Inc.
I’ve been a loyal Mercedes fan (owner) for many years. A lot of them have mild customizations. When I was at at the dealer several months ago, I was talking to my service advisor about power modifications to my ML63 (because 503 stock horsepower just isn’t enough!). He suggested Renntech for overall reliability and quality. Oh boy, was he right! After looking on line at their website, I called and spoke to Dillon, their product specialist. He has been a wealth of information to say the least! After Dillon emailed me product options and their specs, he talked me thoroughly with each of my choices with for the perfect modifications to my ML. When everything was installed, which was not a major process, I was on cloud 9. I’m now like a kid in a candy shop with Renntech! I just had my AMG GLE Coupe “Rennteched” under Dillon's guidance and the “drive to happiness” continues. I have another AMG GLE Coupe which will have a Renntech treatment in a few months. I told Dillon, he has a Renntech fan for life!
Posted By: RENNtech Inc.
Dear sirs,

I just bought a modified 2018 E63S wagon from you and am very much looking forward to driving it soon. It arrives upstate NY tomorrow.

I worked with Dillon Roark since the beginning of the process and he was extremely helpful, informed and professional. He worked very hard for my business and then worked very hard to make sure that I was happy, doing a lot of legwork and communicating constantly with me as I was out of State.

Just wanted to let you know as I think Dillon was superb to work with and represented your business in the best possible light.

From a happy customer

Thank you !
Posted By: RENNtech Inc.

I hope you are doing well. I've been recently working with Pat on purchasing items for my 2014 GL63 and it has been such a great experience I've asked for your contact information.

Pat is a sales professional that actually is knowledgeable about cars - and if he doesn't, is transparent in saying he doesn't know and goes the extra mile to actually ask a tech to find out. He is also responsive and responds to VM and emails immediately.

I'll be buying more items from Renntech specifically because of Pat's customer service.

Kind regard,
Posted By: RENNtech Inc.
Mr. Bologna,

Thank you very much for all your help this past week with the ECU upgrade for my ML. I was very impressed with the turnaround time, and I am very pleased with the results. I will be sure to remember RENNtech well in the future. I appreciate your time and efforts.

Best Regards,
Posted By: RENNtech Inc.
Hi John,

First I would like to thank you for all your help in getting the ECU upgrade with BMC filters to my GL450. What a difference in performance the upgrade has made. The acceleration and torque after the tune was completely unexpected. The average mpg now is around 18.5 @ 80mph and I am able to get sometimes 20-21mpg driving at 70mph! I am extremely happy with the upgrade and I'm highly recommending you and RENNtech to all my German (MB, BMW, Audi, and Porsche) friends!

Thanks again,

Ali S.
Posted By: RENNtech Inc.
well done to you and your team at Renntech for exceptional service! I drove my G63 AMG today after the Renntech ECU upgrade with BMC filters and it's a beast! The tune exceeded my expectations, it's completely docile and silky smooth around town but step on the gas and it rips. The monstrous torque is addictive; hard to believe there is such a big improvement on an already fantastic M157 motor. Thank you Mitchell for taking the time to discuss the upgrade and answer all my questions before moving forward on the tune. You're a enthusiast that knows your product and it was a first class experience for me from start to finish. I would highly recommend you and your team at Renntech!

Kind Regards
Posted By: RENNtech Inc.
Big Shout Out to RENNtech! I worked with John and had shipped and re-installed with the M278 Tune for my 2013 GL450. It is amazing. During normal subdued driving in 45mph zones you just glide along. You never really have to get the RPMs over 3K or use much motr than 40% throttle. I find it easiest to just set the cruise and bump it up and down by 5 mph. Super easy to manage heavy traffic, I leave it in D and it just wonderful! On I-540 heading to Research Triangle, where traffic routinely runs 80+, my GL is right at home in 7th gear. My only mileage check was on a pretty spirited 351 mile round trip from RTP to Gaston County, NC and back. Avg.speed was 69 mph, and mileage was 18.2! I was very impressed with the customer service, especially with questions I had after the tune was installed. I am 100% pleased with the decision to go with RENNtech!!

- Steve B.
Posted By: RENNtech Inc.
Just worked with John B on an ECU tune for my E63s and am seriously blown away at the performance difference! Power increase for the dollar is an insane value! Easy instructions and very helpful along the way.
Now saving up for downpipes and mufflers!

- Mike H.
Posted By: RENNtech Inc.
(...)I also want to thank Renntech for coordinating everything on my behalf. Not only did they respond back to my e-mail on Sunday, they called me first thing Monday morning to setup an appointment with Axels Automotive, local Renntech dealer to replace the spark plugs as the first step in troubleshooting. The service didn't stop there. After I picked up the car, I received a follow up call from Renntech. This was around 6pm local time. While I didn't expect this level of service, it was much appreciated and I'm very happy with my choice.

Ryan | 2012 - W212 E 63 AMG 4MATIC
Posted By: RENNtech Inc.

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