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hero img wheel design
hero img wheel design

Introducing the RENNtech Performance Series forged wheel program. An evolution of the signature RENNtech design; exclusive, lightweight, TUV compliant wheels engineered and optimized to specific vehicle applications.


hero img wheel design


The Performance Series is RENNtech's exclusive forged wheel design. Developed by RENNtech's in-house design team.


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The RENNtech brand has featured several highly successful wheel designs throughout its 28+ years in the aftermarket industry. The Performance Series is the culmination of this extensive knowledge, an evolution of its predecessors. After countless hours of design development, we can confidently say that the RPS is a wheel that visually expresses RENNtech exclusivity.
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RPS wheels feature an all new unique design element: the INFINITI SPOKE. The outer rim section between each spoke is heavily scalloped, removing unnecessary weight from the outer rim flange. The 'INIFINITI PAINT OPTION' creates an optical illusion that the spoke extends past the outer wheel edge.
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RENNtech has established a strong partnership with Vossen Wheels to create and offer industry leading products and services. The Performance Series is the first result of this collaboration; designed by RENNtech and engineered, manufactured, and finished by Vossen Wheels.


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Engineered without compromise, the Performance Series is tested to ensure SAE and TUV compliance while retaining maximum concavity.


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Every Performance Series wheel undergoes an extensive engineering process to become superior to the OEM wheel it’s replacing. The RPS wheels are highly refined to achieve a perfect fit by considering maximum width, offset, and concavity for specific vehicle applications.
hero img FEA and TUV testing

Vossen Wheels is one of a few companies in the world manufacturing forged wheels entirely in-house. Their TÜV Verified facility utilizes a comprehensive array of state-of-the-art machinery. All RPS wheels are developed and tested to comply with TÜV standards through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, which simulates vehicle specific cornering, radial, and impact testing.
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In order to determine optimal specifications and fitment, each vehicle application is 3D scanned and measured. Weight ratings and distribution are crucial in calculating the wheel’s minimum material requirements. Weight reduction features exclusive to the RPS wheels include the INFINITI SPOKE and Backpad Pocketing, which come standard on the RPS wheel and are the most visually identifiable of these features.


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All RPS forged wheels are manufactured in Miami, FL in an eight-step machining process in order to produce the most precise wheel.


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RENNtech and Vossen only use the highest graded forgings available to manufacture their wheels. APP | Aluminum Precision Products forgings are utilized for the 1-piece RENNtech Performance Series. Made of 6061 aerospace grade aluminum and heat treated at T6, this is the finest raw material on the market. APP and their affiliates at APPTECH are widely known as the global leader in wheel manufacturing, producing wheels for select OEMs such as; Mercedes-Benz, Pagani, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Porsche.
hero img 8-Step Process

An in depth 8-step process for manufacturing is utilized by Vossen in order to create the RPS wheels. Each step is performed in-house, making this an extremely efficient and consistent production method. A very brief overview of the 8-step process: Programming, Initial Lathe Turning, CNC Milling, Lightening, Engraving, Final Lathe Turning, Quality Control, and Finishing.
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RENNtech is proud to have all aspects of the RPS development and production executed in conjunction with Vossen Wheels in Miami, FL. Since both companies are located in South Florida, order lead times and new vehicle developments have reached optimal efficiency.


hero img wheel finishing


All wheels in the Peformance Series are available in 48 solid or transparent colors, with either gloss, satin or matte coating.


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Choose between 48 different solid and transparent colors. Solid color finishing is included as a standard option. Solid colors vary in shade and smoothness; including gloss, satin, matte and textured. All wheels with transparent finishing are hand polished and/or brushed prior to being coated. The transparent tinted powder coats perfectly showcase the hand finishing in a variety of shades.
hero img wheel design 3

After the finishing process, a final inspection is conducted. Every wheel undergoes an individual control process that includes not only visual inspection for quality and consistency of the finishing, but also thickness testing. A film thickness gauge is used to ensure that the powder coat is uniform in its thickness. We also examine the roundness of every wheel, to ensure optimum drivability. An industry leading maximum runout of +/- .005" is allowed to surpass the final inspection.
hero img Center Caps

For the Performance Series, RENNtech developed two optional Center-Cap designs. The 1-piece design can either be finished to match the wheel or in any of the solid or transparent finishes. The 3-piece design consists of the base center cap, an insert and the shield; including the 'Rt'-logo cut out. All three pieces can be individually finished either matching the wheel or any other available color. Custom laser etched shields are available upon request.



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