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RENNtech Carbon Fiber Repair



We now offer Carbon Fiber repair done at our Head-Quarters in Stuart, FL. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality parts that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, parts that You will love. If your RENNtech or other manufacturer's Carbon Fiber parts have suffered from long exposure to sun, cracks, or accidents we will do our best to repair the part. 

Each part will be evaluated by our in-house Carbon Fiber manufacturing technicians.  While we strive for visually stunning parts, the hand-made nature of Carbon Fiber work can cause minor inconsistencies, however, we will never compromise the strength or function of the part. 
  • We repair the carbon fiber parts for all makes and models:

  • Rock chips
  • Oxidized clearcoat
  • Abrasion (road rash)
  • Cracks
  • Delamination




 ABOVE: Aston Martin Vantage Superleggera front splitter - Damaged

ABOVE: Aston Martin Vantage Superleggera front splitter - Repaired






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