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Thought you all might be interested, gentlemen, I am ecstatic over the quality of the work you performed on my E55 high boost supercharger upgrade. The performance thus far has exceeded my expectations greatly...

RENNtech went above and beyond their job scope to resolve a problem I had with some aftermarket wheels and tires. The 19" wheel offsets were incorrect and Mr. Hartmut Feyhl identified and resolved the problem without having to modify the wheel wells, fender flares, or ride height. My E55 is wearing the same 245/35 ZR19 Bridgestone tires up front and 285/30 ZR19 Bridgestone tires on the rear. When initially installed, the rear tires would occasionally rub the fender on rough roads, but not anymore. I recently drove around a local road race course with three passengers and never heard a tire rub, although the tires did complain rather loudly!

Amazingly, anyone familiar with the car before the RENNtech upgrade will agree that it does not sound any louder and you cannot tell it is supercharged. What a sleeper! Thanks again to Mr. Hartmut Feyhl, Bob Brady and all the crew at RENNtech for the service and quality they provide to Mercedes Benz owners and enthusiasts.

To any doubters, I say "See me at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, La."


James F. Cannon
Posted By: RENNtech
Dear Gentlemen,

As you may remember, I have a '92 E500 with the 6.0 conversion. The reliability of that car, and the fact that after 4 years no Renntech part has given me any difficulty, have led me back to your door.

I just ordered and install the ECM upgrade and pulley kit on my new SLK32. The whole process worked well, from the quick turn around to very good instructions with pictures that showed how to install it. The preformance improvment is very good with no noticable downsides except perhaps rapid rear tire wear ... but that can be addressed with a driver upgrade!

Anyway, I would be happy to speak to anyone about this upgrade and am pleased to install this or other upgrades in my shop. Thanks again and the 1/4 mile improvment was from 13.01@107 to 12.72@109, despite a 30 degree higher temp.

Posted By: RENNtech

thanks for getting me in and taken care of so quick. The car really gives a nice push in the back now. It's startling the way this car builds up speed and awfully deceptive.

Thanks again,

Jason Nunemaker
Posted By: RENNtech

I just want to say thank you for everything you have done to make my experience with Renntech the best one possible.

I have owned many cars in the past years: '09 SL65 Mercedes, '08 Lamborghini Spyder, '06 Ferrari F430.

I decided to buy a low mile '06 SL55 Mercedes and deliver it to Renntech to see what you guys could do. I will start by saying that this car is the fastest and most "fun" car I have ever driven. The power is neck snapping when you want it, but also a gentle cruiser when I want to take the wife to dinner.

The new exhaust note that the car puts out is truly amazing, loud but not overbearing.
I just want to say thank you!

Renntech truly has a lifelong customer in me.

Posted By: RENNtech

When I purchased the C63 I knew it was already a special car but it did have some limitations in the "traction" department. It had a lot of power and torque but getting that to the road in slippery conditions was a challenge. I searched for a solution on the internet and most enthusiasts were saying that a limited slip differential was a must for the car.

After some research, I got quotes from my dealer for an original AMG LSD and looked at solutions from a few of the specialized tuners to finally opt for the RennTech solution derived from an OS Gilken LSD. The people I dealt with at RennTech were very knowledgeable and quite helpful in getting me the information I needed. I ordered the LSD from RennTech and had it installed by a local shop in Montreal who specializes in transmissions and differentials. I dropped off the car in the morning and picked it up the same night.

The modification improved the car's drivability quite a bit. I felt much better driving it in snow :-)

With the spring came the desire to complete the process and upgrade the ECU to RennTech Stage II. It took less than 5 minutes to remove the ECU from the car. I shipped it to RennTech and got it back the next day. It took another 5 minutes to put it back and start enjoying the added power (as if the car really needed it :-) The last piece was the replacement of the original AMG wheels (which are now my snow wheels) with the RennTech 19" Signature series 3 piece wheels and larger tires. The car looks great, handles and drives much better than before. The only negative is that I must learn to resist the desire to burn the tires :-)

Posted By: RENNtech

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