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RENNtech Sprinter VAN | 360 Camera Module

RENNtech Sprinter VAN | 360 Camera Module | MY 2019-2022
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RENNtech Hand Held 360 Camera Module for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Reprogram the factory 360 -degree camera to be operable at any speed overriding the factory set 10 mph cutoff.

  • The Always-On programming method removes the 10 MPH cutoff and any time the 360 camera is on it needs to be turned off manually by pressing the camera button. The 360 camera view will stay on until it is manually turned off. Vehicles equipped with factory park assist camera can use button to turn on backup camera on demand while in forward motion.


  • MY 2019-2022
    • Plug and Play via OBD II port using RENNtech's Hand Held Module
    • Quick and easy, installs in minutes
    • Overrides the OEM 360 Camera's 10 MPH limitation
    • Allows vehicles equipped with factory park assist (option code JB6 or JB7) to turn on backup camera on demand.
    • Note this product works only with vehicles equipped with OEM 360 Camera


  • Tuned via OBD II Port | RENNtech Options Module 


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