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RENNtech | Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers | C197 SLS AMG / GT | 6.3L V8 N/A | M159

RENNtech Stainless Steel Sport Soundpipe for 197 - SLS AMG.
Gaines: +20HP & 20TQ
SKU: Header:49.159.1301
Retail price without tax: $8,200.00

Designed, engineered and manufactured in house specifically for the SLS. Our purge welded, ceramic coated  long tube headers feature top of the line big tube 2" diameter T-304 stainless steel tubing, tri-metal 200 cell sport catalytic cells and are manufactured from the same high quality materials used on all RENNtech headers. 

We ceramic coat our headers to retain heat within them and minimize latent heat in the engine compartment and combats against thermal stress. Ceramic coating also increases exhaust-gas velocity as hotter gasses expand quicker allowing them to travel faster. By ensuring the internal header bore surfaces are smooth; turbulence is further reduced. The net result is more effective cylinder scavenging, which again offers a power increase.

Our SLS long tube headers also feature a flexible stainless steel thermal mesh coupling down pipe to elimante any stress or chance of fatigue caused by vibration or thermal expansion of the header.


SLS (C197) Stock Performance:

  • 563 HP @ 6800 RPM; 479 LB-FT @ 4750 RPM



  • +20 HP; +20 LB-FT
  • -12 Lbs lighter than OEM Headers



  • 197 - SLS AMG
  • 197 - SLS AMG GT
  • 197 - SLS AMG Black Series


RENNtech Headers are the perfect compliment to both our Sound and Performance Exhaust or the Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust offering additional gains and increadible sound!

  • RENNtech Sound and Performance Exhaust- Click here:
  • Akrapovic Exhaust System- Click here:










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