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RENNtech Stage I Turbo Upgrade Package | X290 | GT 63 (S) AMG | 875 HP / 873 LB-FT | 4.0L V8 BiTurbo | M177 | MY2019+

Includes Upgraded Turbos, ECU Upgrade, BOV Adapters, Air Filters and Fuel System Upgrade. Gains: Up to +194HP | +137LB-FT
SKU: PKG.09.177.1020
Retail price without tax: $16,840.00

The Mercedes X290 - GT 63 (S) AMG 4-Door Coupe comes with the newest engine fully developed by AMG, the company’s Affalterbach based performance division and long fabled engine builder. The result is nothing short of spectacular and the 4.0L V8 BiTurbo engine is an incredible platform to build performance upon. In addition to that, the all-new X290 - GT 63 (S) AMG 4-Door Coupe is equipped with the newest technology Twin-Scroll Turbocharger.

RENNtech lightweight forged billet turbo wheel features a dramatically larger-than stock impeller (inlet side) and an increase in the turbine trim (exhaust side). This combination of high quality, lightweight components compensates for turbo lag despite being a functionally larger turbo. The cartridge supporting shaft is both larger and stronger, designed to handle the larger wheel and additional power. This entire cartridge is then fine balanced as a complete assembly to safely allow for these increases. The impeller and turbine housings are then precision CNC machined and flow tested in-house to fit the larger internal cartridge. The end result is nothing short of spectacular with the RENNtech turbo package creating up to 875 hp and 873 lb-ft.

RENNtech was able to significantly increase the area under the curve, especially in the most important rpm range between 5,500RPM and 7,000RPM. All that without sacrificing traction and driveability in the lower RPM Range. As seen in the Dyno-Graph, with the RENNtech Stage I Turbocharger the torque extends over a longer RPM range at a higher power range compared to our ECU Upgrade. The peak horsepower gains at 6,200RPM are up to +194 HP over stock up to +92 HP over our ECU Upgrade. The peak Torque increase is up to +137 LB-FT over stock and up to +75 LB-FT over our ECU Upgrade. 

More power isn’t the only performance benefit as our turbos spool quicker, offer a more responsive throttle and immediate power delivery thanks to a reduction in exhaust back pressure, rolling resistance, higher RPM's and a lighter rotating mass. In addition, our turbo upgrade kit functions with the OEM oil and coolant lines. This isn’t just an OEM turbo charger with machined internals; but a dramatically larger, more powerful turbocharger that blows away anything else on the market!

The RENNtech performance turbo upgrade is truly the ultimate upgrade for your GT 63 (S) AMG 4-Door Coupe.


Key Features:

  • The RENNtech Stage I Turbo Upgrade comes with an RENNtech ECU Upgrade, RENNtech Blow-Off Valve Adapters, BMC Air Filters and RENNtech Fuel System Upgrade.
  • Larger impeller (inlet) wheel
  • Cartridge shaft is larger and stronger to support larger wheel
  • Entire cartridge is fine balanced as an assembly
  • Lightweight forged billet wheel
  • Less rolling resistance offers quicker spooling
  • Virtually no lag with impressive throttle response
  • Precision machined impeller and turbine housings
  • Up to 875 HP and 873 LB-FT @ crank




  • We have found the M177 engine stock performance numbers vary from the baseline figures claimed by Mercedes-Benz. We typically see higher baseline numbers than claimed by the factory.
  • Power gains are calculated based on stock numbers measured by RENNtech. Crank Performance Numbers are calculated with a 16% Drivetrain loss on 4MATIC+ vehicles.
  • Numbers published by MBUSA are an average over a 750rpm range for HP and a 2,000rpm range for TQ. Power gains are calculated based on the peak stock performance measured by RENNtech.
  • Our numbers will be dependent on conditions and fuel quality. 93+ Octane gasoline is mandatory with this Performance Upgrade.
  • States known for poor fuel quality have to be supplied with a lower power setup. Please call for details and Race fuel options +1-561-845-7888.


Performance Tests:
Vehicle Upgrades 0-60mph 0-100mph 60-130mph 1/4 Mile ET Trap Speed
X290 - AMG GT63

Stock w/o Launch Control

3.0 sec 6.98 sec 8.65 sec 11.15 sec 127 mph
X290 - AMG GT63 Rt ECU Upgrade w/Launch Control 2.70 sec 6.61 sec 7.86 sec 10.62 sec 131 mph
X290 - AMG GT63 Rt Stage I Turbo Upgrade w/Launch Control 2.59 sec 6.11sec 7.39 sec 10.39 sec 133 mph
X290 - AMG GT63 Rt Stage II Turbo Upgrade w/Launch Control,  2.44 sec 5.52 sec 6.47 sec 10.1 sec 136 mph
*If not otherwise noted, performed on non-prepped asphalt and with OEM, Street-Legal and/or Non-Performance tires. Data measured with Racelogic Performance Box.

Performance Numbers Overview 


GT 63 S AMG 4-Door Coupe (MY2019+ | X290 | M177 | 4.0L V8 BiTurbo) Stock Performance (at crank):

  • Rated by Mercedes-Benz (avg.):                        630 HP @ 5,500-6,500rpm; 664 LB-FT @ 2,500-4,500rpm
  • Dyno measured by RENNtech (avg.):                670 HP @ 5,500-6,500rpm; 668 LB-FT @ 2,500-4,500rpm
  • Dyno measured by RENNtech (peak):               681 HP @ 6,250rpm; 736 LB-FT @ 3,450rpm
    • Note: Mercedes M177 engine performance when measured on the dyno obtains higher power numbers than rated from factory. Performance numbers published by MBUSA are a calculated average within a specific rpm range, which obviously result  in lower power numbers than at the peak. HP and TQ gains calculated by RENNtech are always based on peak stock results measured by RENNtech and upgraded peak results measured by RENNtech.
    • For transparency and comparability, RENNtech published the average stock power during the rpm range set by MBUSA and the peak stock performance


GT 63 S AMG 4-Door Coupe (MY2019+ | X290 | M177 | 4.0L V8 BiTurbo)  Modified Performance (at crank):

  • Rated by RENNtech (peak @crank):              875 HP @ 6,200rpm; 873 LB-FT @ 4,200rpm
  • Rated by RENNtech (peak @wheel):              735 whp @ 6,200rpm; 733 wtq @ 4,200rpm
    • Crank Performance Numbers are calculated with a 16% Drivetrain loss on 4MATIC+ vehicles.

For detailed explanation on crank HP, wheel HP, drivetrain loss, etc. please click here.


Dyno-Graph for Performance measured at the wheels:


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