Performance Without Compromise
1990 RENNtech 190E 3.6L

Vehicle Details:

Vehicle: 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E

Body: 4 Door

Mileage: 29,981 miles

Exterior Color: Black

Interior: Parchment Leather

Transmission: RENNtech upgraded 5-Speed Automatic

Price: $35,000


Detailed description with specifications, upgrades, additional pictures and video can be found under



"I purchased this car new from my local Mercedes Benz Dealer. After a break-in period of a little over 12,000 miles, the decision was made to turn it into the Ultimate Collectorʼs piece. The conversion started with a total AMG aerodynamic package consisting of the front & rear bumper units, side door skirts and rear trunk lid spoiler. (There were also other custom one-off appointments added for appearance).

It was now time to transport it by enclosed carrier to RENNtech in Stuart, Florida for owner Mr. Hartmut Feyhl and his talented team to transform this Mercedes into a real performance and handling jewel. A complete new RENNtech 3.6 Litre power-plant was built and installed, transmission modifications to handle the increased power and torque, a lower rear-end gear (3.27:1) for quicker acceleration and finally lowering the entire car slightly with the addition of a set of Bilstein Sport Shocks for itʼs incredible handling capabilities. When it comes to Mercedes performance and handling, NO ONE comes close to the Premier team at RENNtech. The incredible part of owning a RENNtech converted Mercedes is when you step on the accelerator, you quickly feel that itʼs not a stock 1990 Mercedes 190 E class any longer, but yet at the same time it maintains itʼs subtle smooth idle and quietness that you expect from a Mercedes automobile . It doesnʼt take enormous power to make this light weight bodystyle have real get up and go. Whatʼs even better is the cars running gear can still be maintained at any Mercedes Benz dealer service center.

From here the next stop was the East Coast premier sound and motorization specialist Car Tunes in Largo, Florida for Mr. Shawn Morrison and his talented team to work their magic. The incredible part of Car Tunes work on the car is how they kept the interior looking very stock in appearance. Well, that is until you start pressing buttons and flipping switches. Thatʼs when itʼs quickly revealed that this is no ordinary Mercedes. The enclosed pictures and short video exposes all of the smooth motorization features in action to see. Below are only a few of the products and companies that were used in this cars transformation. It would take many pages to list every single person and company that took part in creating this automobile."



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