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Renntech Wheel Program Overview



RENNtech Super-Light Wheel Styles:

The RENNtech Super-Light Series (or SL Series) is RENNtech’s latest and most technologically advanced production wheel ever produced.   The SL Series wheel program is an evolution of the RENNtech Deep Monolite Series.



10.2 SL

(Split 5 spoke design)

10 SL

(Signature 10 spoke design)

16 SL

(16 spoke design)


RENNtech Deep Monolite wheel styles:

The main objective of the Deep Monolite wheel program is to offer a well refined product that features the perfect blend of high performance specifications with quality and durability that meets or surpasses OEM standards.



Deep Monolite 10.2

(Split 5 spoke design)

"Motorsport inspired lightweight design"


Deep Monolite 10

(Signature 10 spoke design)

"Personifies performance and luxury"


Deep Monolite 16

(16 spoke design)

"Luxurious and meticulously detailed"


VIP Forged - Limited Edition:

Features exclusive two-tone finish, custom titanium plaques, and certificate of authenticity.


Upgrade option for any of the RENNtech wheels:

Available forging configurations for each style:
M.V1 and M.V2




Standard Finish

Brushed Aluminum with gloss clear

Optional Finish:

Brushed Gunmetal with gloss clear

Optional Finish:


Optional Finish

(Any custom finishes are available upon special request)


Additional options and accessories:

Backpad cutting for Deep Monolites

(standard on all Super Lights)

Titanium lug bolts
Titanium hardware for M.V2 configurations
Custom laser etched titanium wheel plaques

FEA Information

FEA Testing & Engineering

Our wheels undergo our FEA Simulated testing & Engineering process. This process is performed on a per order basis which is intended to provide vehicle specific load and strength parameters which takes into account all factors pertaining to the specific vehicle in question as well as the specific use the customer intends to use the wheels for, i.e. drag racing, street use, road racing, etc.

The primary reason for this engineering intensive process is to provide our customers with the lightest and strongest possible wheel, in the sizing, offset and vehicles load parameters available on the market today, period.

Strain Testing
Stress Testing
Forging Specifications
Forging Specifications
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