100% Locking Limited Slip Differential - prior to 2003

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Simply explained, a differential is the last point between the engine and the wheels where power is transferred. The differential functions as a system to direct engine power at the wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds.

By upgrading the differential, you benefit in both straight line stability and vehicle handling while cornering. During a full power straight line run, our LSD (limited slip differential) will lock 100% and provide torque equally to each powered wheel, providing stable straight line runs. When exiting from a corner, our LSD's transition to the full 100% lock position is smooth and predictable. This gives the vehicle better traction and stability throughout the corner, improving overall lap times and a noticeable improvement in overall vehicle handling.

The track is not the only place where the differential comes into play though. Bad weather and harsh road conditions can make the street a dangerous place. In snow, ice, wet weather and regions where the road surface can become unstable, our LSD easily adapts and adjusts tire rotation to increase vehicle stability on the road and help to dramatically improve driver safety.

Our differential is a unique, patented, clutch- type LSD which makes this a true100% locking differential. Because of this function, there is no movement of internal parts, leading to less heat being generated while in operation and in turn, less wear of the friction disks.

  • Note: Differentials will require fluid for initial fill and require the fluid to be replaced after the first one thousand mile (1000 mile) initial break in period then every fifty thousand (50,000) miles of street use or as needed based on your driving style.
  • For fluid click here:
  • Note: For SL 55 (R230) & E 55 (W211)-
  • This differential applies for vehicles prior to model year 2003



  • 203 - C 32 AMG
  • 203 - C 55 AMG
  • 210 - E 55 AMG
  • 170 - SLK 32 AMG